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CCM's College Football Top 25 - How Can `Bama Not Be #1?

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Nick Saban and the Tide should the nation's top team until someone else proves otherwise.

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Rich and I aren't the only one's who disagree on the nation's top team. Alabama, Ohio State and Texas A&M all split first place votes, although Bama picked up the overwhelming majority of the votes in both the AP and Coaches' Polls. Thus there should be no surprise that Rich and I are split on who should start the season as #1.

Rank Rich Rank Matt
1 Ohio State 1 Alabama
2 Alabama 2 Oregon
3 Georgia 3 Ohio St
4 Stanford 4 Georgia
5 Clemson 5 South Carolina
6 South Carolina 6 Stanford
7 Oregon 7 Clemson
8 Louisville 8 Texas A&M
9 Florida 9 Florida
10 Texas A&M 10 Florida St
11 Oklahoma St 11 Louisville
12 LSU 12 Notre Dame
13 Florida St 13 LSU
14 Oklahoma 14 Oklahoma St
15 Nebraska 15 Oklahoma
16 Michigan 16 Texas
17 Texas 17 Michigan
18 TCU 18 TCU
19 Notre Dame 19 Wisconsin
21 Northwestern 21 Nebraska
22 USC 22 Michigan St
23 Oregon St 23 Boise St
24 Kansas St 24 Oregon St
25 Wisconsin 25 USC

I'm not a fan of preseason polls having a bunch of uniformity and that's what's great about this. We don't agree on a single ranking until we get to Florida at #9. Over the entire poll we only agree three times which is the way it should be, in my opinion.

However, I do feel that Alabama deserves to be #1 solely from the standpoint that they're the defending champions and deserve the ranking until someone knocks them off. Rich, on the other hand disagrees. I wondered if it was his driving hatred for the Tide or if he really feels as if Ohio State really is the best team in the country?

Matt: You really think Ohio State is better than Bama?

Rich: Absolutely!

Matt: Why?

Rich: tOSU has one of the best front sevens in the nation along with an explosive offense. Bama just doesn't have the fire power to match their own defense.

Matt: You realize that they play in the Big Ten, right?

Rich: Yup, but I really wanted to put Georgia above Alabama as well. Besides that I've got two words for you, "Braxton Miller."

Matt: So this is more of you not liking Bama than it is about anything else?

Rich: Not at all - I seriously think that Ohio State would win head-to-head against Alabama.

There you have it. Make sure to sound off on the debate in the comments section. While you're at it, make sure to tell us where you believe we've messed up on the polls as well.