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OU Football 2013 | Projecting Your Sooners Depth Chart

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Since Bob Stoops' paranoia and/or general lack of giving a you know what has apparently eliminated the availability of a depth chart on the official OU Football website, we figured why not go ahead and put one together for those who are interested.

There are obvious assumptions that have to be made and at least one fairly significant one that you'll likely pick up on as you scroll down.  We'll get into all of that after, but for now here is what we believe the depth chart would look like if Stoops were to put one out.

One more thing quickly before we get started.  These are more for fun than anything, certainly not something that is official, and everyone is going to have their own opinion on what it should look like.  We're not saying what you'll see below is perfect or close to 100% accurate.  We took a stab at it as could anyone else familiar enough with the team.  So as long as we're good there, carry on and enjoy.

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Wide Receiver 8 Jalen Saunders
| 17
Trey Metoyer
| 6
Dannon Cavil

Wide Receiver 3
Sterling Shepard
| 8
Jalen Saunders
| 83
Austin Bennett

Tight End 82 Brannon Green
Taylor McNamara
| 81 Sam Grant

Left Tackle 71 Tyrus Thompson
| 55
Josiah St. John

Left Guard 74 Adam Shead
| 77
Dionte Savage
Tony Feo
Center 64
Gabe Ikard
| 56
Ty Darlington

Right Guard 68
Bronson Irwin
| 54
Nila Kasitati
Tony Feo
Right Tackle 79
Daryl Williams
| 72
Derek Farniok

Wide Receiver 11 Lacoltan Bester
| 5
Durron Neal
| 16 Jaz Reynolds
Quarterback 9
Trevor Knight
| 10
Blake Bell

Running Back
Damien Williams
| 24 Brennan Clay
| 22 Roy Finch

Fullback 33 Trey Millard
| 48
Aaron Ripkowski

Place-Kicker 18
Michael Hunnicutt
Eric Hosek

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
/Defensive End
Charles Tapper
| 82
Ogbonnia Okoronkwo | 90
Matt Dimon
Defensive Tackle 80 Jordan Phillips
95 Quincy Russell
Chuka Ndulue
Defensive End
85 Geneo Grissom
| 40
P.L. Lindley
| 90
Matt Dimon
Strongside LB 25
Aaron Franklin
| 42 Dominique Alexander

Middle LB 20
Frank Shannon
| 45
Caleb Gastelum

Weakside LB 7 Corey Nelson
| 19
Eric Striker

Nickelback 2
Julian Wilson
| 4
Hatari Byrd

Cornerback 14
Aaron Colvin
| 23 Kass Everett

Free Safety 13
Ahmad Thomas
Quentin Hayes

Strong Safety 9
Gabe Lynn
| 4
Hatari Byrd

Cornerback 22 Cortez Johnson
| 15
Zack Sanchez

Punter 44
Jed Barnett
Jack Steed

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Punt Returns 8
Jalen Saunders
| 3
Sterling Shepard

Kickoff Returns 24 Brennan Clay
| 22 Roy Finch

Kickoffs 18
Michael Hunnicutt
| 47
Eric Hosek

Snapper (PAT/FG) 50
Austin Woods

Snapper (Punts) 89
Connor Knight

* Let's start with the obvious shall we, the defense.  There has been enough talk about the three man defensive line that we went ahead and put this together under the 3-3-5 formation.  However, it's important to understand this team will play a variety of defensive formations.  So if they line up with a four man line a week from Saturday and you want to come back here and tell me how stupid we were for putting this out then by all means feel free.  Honestly, where it is three or four or however many it's not changing the fact this team has some pretty serious issues in their front six.  Granted they are issues we ere already aware of, but issues nonetheless.

* Defensive Tackle - These three guys should be pretty interchangeable throughout the course of the season, so don't read into anything by the order they are presented above.

* We're obviously not taking into account the expected suspensions for Ndulue and Cortez Johnson for the season opener.  Assuming they do miss that game, they'll slide right back in to where we have them slotted above.

* There just appears to be so little depth on this defense as things stand today.  You need look no further than defensive end, linebacker, and even cornerback to see that.

* The offense seems pretty set and quite frankly aside from possibly a backup or two was pretty easy to put together.

So what do you think?  Where did we get it wrong?  What changes would you make if you were putting together the depth chart?  Hit us up with your comments as we're just barely over a week from watching some actual, real-life OU football once again!