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OU Football Recruiting | Bob Stoops Expects Class Of 2013 To See Plenty Of Playing Time This Season

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

After being asked Monday night following practice which of the incoming freshman/first year guys might play this season, Bob Stoops said he wanted to compile a list and release it Tuesday to ensure that he didn't forget anyone.  When you read the list below that he provided, you'll see why he needed to take his time.

Stoops listed almost the entirety of Oklahoma's Class of 2013 and while it's probably fair to assume most of that time will take place on special teams, it says a lot about what these freshman/first year players have already shown that Stoops and his staff are contemplating so few redshirts.

Of course the flip side to that coin would be so many freshman playing is a reflection of the talent lacking with the returning players ahead of them on the roster.  But that's really up to you decide by whether you're a glass half full or empty kind of person.

Philosophical moralities aside, here is the list of first year players Stoops provided to the media.

LB Dominique Alexander
P Jed Barnett
WR Austin Bennett
DB Hatari Byrd
DE Matt Dimon
LB Jordan Evans
OL Tony Feo
RB Keith Ford
DB L.J. Moore
DE Ogbonnia Okoronkwo
DT Quincy Russell
OL Dionte Savage
OL Josiah St. John
DB Ahmad Thomas
DT Charles Walker

Which would leave DB Dakota Austin, OL Christian Daimler, DT Matt Romar, WR Jordan Smallwood, QB Cody Thomas, and WR KJ Young as the first year players not included on Stoops' list.

There was also no mention of WR Dannon Cavil or DB Stanvon Taylor, but both are players who could very likely see the field this season.

Stoops did also mention that defensive end D.J. Ward could still be a candidate to play this season depending on when he returns from having his spleen removed, a procedure that took place about two weeks ago.

Time will tell just how accurate this list is and whether or not those included do in fact play.  Having read it now, are there any guys that Stoops included which surprised you?