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Bob Stoops Says On Sportscenter That He Hopes To Name A Starting Quarterback "By End Of Next Week"

Sarah Glenn

Oklahoma head football coach made an appearance on Friday afternoon's SportsCenter and revealed that he's hoping to name a starting quarterback by the end of next week. For those familiar with Stoops, which is apparently not A LOT of people on Twitter, this is time frame is pretty consistent with respect to decisions made in previous quarterback battles.

With the injury earlier in camp to Kendal Thompson and the fairly obvious assumption that while very talented true freshman Cody Thomas was always on the outside looking in, the battle for the starting spot is obviously a battle between Blake Bell and Trevor Knight.

Bell was long believed to be the favorite if for no other reason than his experience and familiarity with Oklahoma's offensive system. However, by all accounts Knight has progressed significantly both during the spring and now fall camp and has legitimately pushed Bell for that starting spot.

Even with that, many believe the house money at this point is still on Bell to be named the starter. If the second and third hand reports from OU practices and scrimmages are to be believed, Bell might not have made as many big plays as Knight but he also hasn't made as many mistakes.

Based on Stoops' track record, ultimately this decision is going to come down to in large part who the coaches trust more with the football. With that in mind, almost by default you have to favor Bell who while certainly inexperienced as a passer has been on the field and under the lights. Maybe Knight would be that exceptional freshman who relishes the pressure and maybe we'll get to see it as some point this season.

Until then we'll all be waiting with bated breath as Bob Stoops once again keeps us on the edge of our seats.

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