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OU Football 2013 | Bob Stoops Provides An Update (Sort Of) On An Expected ETA For Quincy Russell


And with that "update", you now know the latest on if when Quincy Russell will be arriving in Norman.  Of course that requires you taking Bob Stoops at his word, which can be somewhat of a daring proposition when it comes to publicly announced timetables.

If true it certainly would be welcome news for a OU defensive line desperate for difference makers.  At this point to be honest, they're simply desperate for bodies.  Evidenced by their apparent move, according to the online roster, of now former 6'4" 330 pound offensive lineman Robert Hollis to defensive tackle.

However, the Sooners are now two plus weeks into practice and you have to wonder just how much time it will take for Russell to get caught up with the rest of his teammates.  He has reportedly been working out in San Antonio while he waited for everything to get straightened out, but there is obviously a difference between working out on your own and participating in actual practices.

Regardless, neither Russell or OU will have the luxury of easing into things.  He will be counted on from the day he actually sets foot on campus.  Whether that is later this week as Stoops suggested or some time after that.

Update Expected On D.J. Ward

Stoops also said following Monday morning's practice that he would be providing an update on the status of D.J. Ward this Tuesday.  Ward has not been practicing with the team due to some type of 'spleen issue' and with the somewhat ominous admission on Stoops' part, the immediate reaction online was a negative one.  The speculation being that Ward's football career may be in jeopardy, but until we hear from Stoops that would be an incredibly premature and irresponsible assumption.

Hopefully for Ward's sake, his health being of the utmost important of course, that is not the case.  But it sounds as if we'll find out on Tuesday.