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Sooner Quarterback Race Is Over - Kendal Thompson Out With Foot Fracture

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Kendal Thompson turned heads during the spring with his athleticism and strong arm.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Fans who were looking for the Oklahoma quarterback race to run deep into August may be disappointed with the news that quarterback Kendal Thompson has been put on the shelf with a foot injury. Bob Stoops confirmed on Thursday afternoon that Thompson suffered a fracture in his right foot and will undergo surgery. While the injury prognosis is six to eight weeks, Stoops is optimistic of Thompson returning for the majority of the season.

"Kendal will undergo a surgical procedure today. He has a very positive outlook and is eager to rejoin his teammates on the field as soon as possible." - Bob Stoops

This basically brings an end to the quarterback competition as Thompson and Blake Bell were the two major players in the derby. Bell will undoubtedly be the starter now with freshman Trevor Knight moving into the backup role. The major question now is how far this causes Thompson to drop. Coaches were already high on Knight's potential and the absence of Thompson means more reps during camp and the opportunity to come in for mop-up duty roles and even more should the need arise.