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Injury Plagues Dom Whaley Yet Again

The Seattle Seahawks had shown interest in the former Sooner running back. However, the deal fell short as Dom Whaley's injury became a concern.

Michael C. Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

After the departure of a star running back, the Oklahoma Sooners began their search for the next phenom to hit the field at the position. However, the Sooners found the answer in a very unlikely place...the Subway across the street from the stadium at the intersection of Jenkins and Lindsey.

Dominique Whaley burst onto the scene after serving sandwiches for some time. But that wasn't how his story began. It all began at Langston University, on the NAIA circuit, where Whaley played the roll of a backup. Yet, it would be his time at Oklahoma that would provide him with the strength and conditioning to go along with his natural talent. The move eventually landed this one time walk-on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

After tallying up 627 yards, a brutal injury against the Kansas St. Wildcats sidelined the breakout star. The following year, he would find himself once again in the roll of a backup to not only Damien Williams but also Brennan Clay.

Although Whaley was undrafted, the Seattle Seahawks expressed an intrest in his talents. The concern over his ankle would plague him as he did not have the type of performances he would have liked while the Seahawks were interested. After the decision was made not to sign him, Whaley would undergo a surgery on June 12th. The idea was to fix the concerns that were out there concerning his ankle. Due to the surgery, Whaley will sit out the year in an attempt to rehab.

The dream is still alive as Whaley has the opportunity to come back and take a crack at the NFL once again.