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2013 Sooner Kickoff Previews All Twelve Of Oklahoma's Opponents

What good is a football preview without an in-depth look at the opponents?

2013 Sooner Kickoff


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Here at Crimson And Cream Machine we pride ourselves in providing great coverage of the Sooners and passing on as much knowledge and information as we possibly can. There are other sites out there that take the same approach to their respective teams so we thought that reaching out to them would be the best way to put together an opponent preview.

We wanted to take a unique approach to the previews so our thought process was to narrow down the important information about the team. We tried to put ourselves in your (the readers) shoes and ask the question, "Looking at this team, what is the most important thing I need to know?" Therefore we based our interviews off of that thought.

The 2013 Sooner Kickoff features opponent interviews with...

* Tabby Soignier of The News Star (Monroe Louisiana)

* Country Roads of The Smoking Musket

* Erich Murtaugh of One Foot Down

* HawkeyedFrog of Frogs O' War

* Wescott Eberts of Burnt Orange Nation

* Seth C. of Viva The Matadors

* Dan Becker of Wide Right and Natty Lite

* Tye Burger of Bring On The Cats

* Kyle Porter of Pistols Firing Blog

The 2013 Sooner Kickoff is available for just $4.99 as a download, or $10.50 as a hard copy. For purchasing information, please click on the image below.

2013 Sooner Kickoff

2013 Sooner Kickoff

The 2013 Sooner Kickoff Includes - A Look At The 2013 Freshman Class, How New Coaches Can Try To Revitalize Oklahoma’s Line Play, Offensive Preview, A Look At The Quarterback Race, Defensive Preview, Opponent Previews,Big 12’s Best And Worst Scheduled Games In 2013, Contributions From: Jason…

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