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Former Oklahoma Sooner Amath M'Baye Signs Overseas Contract

The Oklahoma Sooners send another player overseas for pro ball. This time to Japan...

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Young hoopsters round the world dream of playing in the NBA, the pinnacle and height of the basketball realm. This goal extends well beyond the development years, into the college level athletes. For Amath M'Baye, a native Frenchman and former Oklahoma Sooner, the destination ended just shy of the goal.

A transfer from Wyoming, M'Baye displayed a level of athleticism many his size covet. With a year of eligibility remaining, experts tabbed the twenty-three year old as a premature entry into the draft likely pushing him to Europe. With the warning signs in place, M'Baye carefully weighed his options. The conclusion, confusing to some, did not come easy for the big man.

M'Baye earned workouts with teams such as the Indiana Pacers and L.A Clippers, but the fact that Draft selections are few and far between still rings true. So, it came as no surprise when M'Baye's name was left uncalled, labeling him an unrestricted free agent.

Instead of Europe, it appears that M'Baye will be playing in Asia...Japan to be exact. Best of luck to you Amath!