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OU Football 2013 | Sooners Adding A Defensive Quality Control Assistant Per Report

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Potentially confirming a message board rumor that had been floating around for a couple days now, is reporting that Oklahoma could be making a new addition to their football coaching staff.

Chad Walker (Bio), currently an assistant at D-III Mississippi College, is rumored to be that addition and according to the report is expected to hold the position of 'defensive quality control assistant.' It is a position that many schools across the country employ and while the individuals who fill these quality control positions are not allowed to directly coach the student-athletes, they do serve to assist several other areas. In most cases primarily with game prep, but they can also play a role in developing game plans, video study on upcoming opponents, recruiting, and/or any other areas they may be needed. If you recall several years ago, Michigan caught some heat from the NCAA for not properly monitoring their assistants during summer workouts.

In reviewing Walker's coaching history, if he is in fact hired the addition makes a lot of sense on paper. Multiple stops with Nick Saban, both during Saban's time at LSU as well as with the Miami Dolphins. Also has recruiting ties to SEC country, which is an area of the country every team not in the SEC is trying to draw talent from.

Following last season's defensive struggles, there really are no bad ideas with respect to changes that could be made in the coming season. If that means additions to the assistant coaching staff and the budget allows, why not bring someone in with this kind of a background?

The current trend in college football is for ever-expanding assistant coaching staffs whether it's quality control assistants, personnel directors, or what have you. This Oklahoma playing catch up to a certain extent, but based on this resume they appear to have found a quality addition to their staff (assuming the report is accurate, of course).