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Big 12 Football Media Days | OU Football | Bob Stoops Is Going To Say Things


It's Day Two of Big 12 Media Days and that means Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops is going to have his chance to meet with the gathered media and tell everyone how excited he and his players are for the coming season.

How everyone has done well in workouts this summer.

How it's still an open competition for the starting quarterback job.

How there aren't going to be any drastic changes to the offense despite the significant differences between the current quarterbacks on campus and those that preceded them.

How they really are going to get Trey Millard the ball more this year.

How they are going to actually play their linebackers in 2013.

How many Big 12 Championships OU has won in the last 'x' amount of years.

The phrase "in the end" will be used quite liberally.

Did I miss anything?