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Oklahoma Football | Still Awaiting JUCO DT Arrival

Uncertainty still surrounds much of this Oklahoma defense. A crucial blow or victory could come soon as the Sooners await the arrival of a much needed JUCO defensive tackle who still hangs in the balance.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Looking at the Oklahoma Sooners on the current defensive situation, it should come as no surprise that defensive tackle is an area of concern. With three players listed at the position on the roster, depth quickly makes its way to the forefront of the discussion.

After struggling to get pressure on the opposing quarterbacks in 2012, the coaching staff desperately needed to address the issue heading into future seasons. Insert Quincy Russell, a recruit from the JUCO ranks who was and still is expected to have an immediate impact for the Sooners on the field. At 6-3 305 with the ability to control the game upfront by stuffing the run as well as getting at the quarterback, it is easy to see why Oklahoma went after such a talent.

However, an issue remains as Russell has yet to step on campus. The initial report was that he would be cleared to play for Oklahoma in early June. All of that soon changed as Russell hit yet another snag while the release of his transcripts were placed on hold once again.

Word coming out this month is that all the issues concerning Russell have been resolved. The anticipated date of his arrival has been slotted for August 1st as Sooner Nation waits for the results of his exit exams. Of course there are still many that will have to see it before they believe it as Russell is expected to be such a vital piece of the defense in 2013.