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Head to Head: Damien Williams or Lache Seastrunk?

Pick up games often tell the story of who is the most athletic of the group. However, it also reveals who is the cream of the crop when all is said and done. Who will claim the starting role on your team?


The Big 12 plays host to some of the best offensive talent in the nation. From top to bottom, difference makers make themselves known each and every year. With a quick look at the perceived strengths and weaknesses of each player being presented, who will edge out the other? The idea here is to see how one of the top in conference players stacks up against another. After each has been weighed and tried, who will make the list for not only your team but also a preseason all-conference pick?

Damien Williams

Strengths - Williams burst onto the scene after making the jump from the JUCO ranks by recording a 100+ yard game in his first appearance in the crimson and cream. He has proven he can be a home run threat with his speed and endurance in combination with solid cutting at his disposal to make defenders miss. However, what really sets him apart is his ability to break arm tackles along with the power to function in goal-line situations. Not only does Williams excel with the ball in his hands he is great coming out of the backfield as another receiver. He can be found consistently picking up a block in pass protection to give the quarterback ample time to make a read.

Weaknesses - One thing that Williams seems to lack at this point is a sense of balance that others on the roster have. If there was any other knock on this kid it would simply be the ability to recognize a cut-back lane quickly. There are times that Williams gets taken down in the backfield due to his lack of recognition in that area. But, while he has great top end speed, his acceleration may be a bit slower than some others in the conference.

Lache Seastrunk

Strengths - With little playing time at the beginning of the season, Seastrunk capped off 2012 as the hottest player in the conference with four consecutive 135+ yard rushing games. Unlike the player he is up against, Lache possesses top tier acceleration to get to the edge or down field in a hurry. When he does encounter a defender, his agility takes over as he shows a knack for being able to change direction. It is his elusiveness that makes him such a special player and vital piece of the Baylor Bears offense. The scary part is that we have yet to see Seastrunk hit his full potential.

Weaknesses - The first thing in question is his durability. While he has put on a few pounds since joining the college ranks, he is still prone to injury as the run above shows. Yet, while Seastrunk possessed great speed he tends to be an east-west runner with little interest to run between the tackles. If he learns to hit the hole, it will go a long way for not only him, but his teammates.

With all biases and team preferences aside, who would you rather have make your team and possibly the preseason list of all-conference selections?