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Previewing The 2013 Sooner Kickoff: Impact Newcomers

The Oklahoma Sooners signed 24 recruits as a part of the 2013 class and, in our preview we've highlighted a few of them who could have an immediate impact. Here's a sample of the article.

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You can download the 2013 Sooner Kickoff for $4.99 or purchase a hard copy for $10.50 by clicking on the image below.

2013 Sooner Kickoff

2013 Sooner Kickoff

The 2013 Sooner Kickoff Includes A Look At: The 2013 Freshman Class, How New Coaches Can Try To Revitalize Oklahoma’s Line Play, Offensive Preview, A Look At The Quarterback Race, Defensive Preview, Opponent Previews, Big 12’s Best And Worst Scheduled Games In 2013, Contributions From: Jason…

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