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OU Baseball | New Name Emerging As A Possible Head Coach Candidate?

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A new name could be emerging in the OU Baseball head coaching search and it's a name with plenty of Major League Baseball experience.


Could a new name be emerging for the currently vacant head baseball coach at the University of Oklahoma? According to Perfect Game's Kendall Rogers that may very well be the case.

OU alum and current director of player development for the Philadelphia Phillies, Joe Jordan, appears to have entered into the conversation for the Sooners head coaching position. Jordan has been in his position with the Phillies since 2011 after coming over from the Baltimore Orioles organization where he served as their director of scouting for seven years. Prior to that, he worked for the Montreal Expos and Florida Marlins while performing a variety of duties over the course of eight years.

So it's fair to say the guy has some experience and more than his fair share of finding then developing talent.

And to give proper credit where it is due, Jordan's name was first mentioned in this Jason Kersey interview with another former OU baseball player, Joe Simpson. You know, in between when he was ripping Sunny Golloway a new one.

Now maybe it's a coincidence that Simpson brings up that name while referring to "getting back to the glory days" of OU baseball and shortly after a report of Jordan's name emerges. Probably a bit of a stretch for a couple reasons. (1) Kendall Rogers is good at what he does. (2) It's not like Jordan makes zero sense. We've been telling you since Golloway left that Joe Castiglione was likely to look for someone with ties to the school/program. Considering he's a former player, Jordan certainly qualifies in that respect.

Castiglione has a well earned reputation for keeping any and all details surrounding a potential hire very close to the vest, so it's virtually impossible to gauge how much, if any, legitimacy there is to this report. That said, on its surface it would seem to make sense but we could still be weeks off from a decision. Or....there could be a press conference on Monday morning.

You just never know with Joe C.