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NBA Draft | Oklahoma's Romero Osby Making Case For Second Round

This year's NBA draft is light on elite talent but plays host to depth. Oklahoma's Romero Osby has been traveling the nation while impressing a few GMs. Could it be too little too late or will he find himself earning coveted spot in the 2013 Draft?

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The 2013 NBA Draft is quickly approaching and a handful of hopefuls are looking to make a splash in a pond littered with talent. With only sixty total picks available, spots are obviously limited yet coveted by each and every name thrown into the pot.

One of those hopefuls that has begun to make a wave is none other than the Oklahoma Sooners' Romero Osby. At 6-8 with shoes on, Osby has been traveling the nation in an attempt to get any NBA not only to notice him, but fall deep enough in love with his skills to spend a draft pick on him. After participating in practice after practice, positive feedback is coming his way but he has kept his head on straight.

"I think a lot of people don't look at it in the right sense. Just thinking, ‘Oh, well he was good in college, so he's definitely getting drafted.' Then a guy goes into these NBA workouts and doesn't do as well as expected and may not get drafted." - Romero Osby via NewsOK

While making an NBA roster is tough enough as it is, Osby seems to have an edge in the fact that he shows a maturity level many others his age lack. He is a family man that has learned responsibility and in turn, that responsibility is what keeps him from making the careless life decisions of other youngsters.

Outside of Osby proving that he is grounded, he is also improving upon his game. For Oklahoma fans, it was not uncommon to see Osby shoot the occasional three-pointer. The ability to stretch the defense as well as take the defender off the dribble will be something he needs to rely on moving to the next level.

At 6-8, it is clear the Roe will need to display the ability to move, dribble, as well as bang bodies inside with some of the centers in the league. A recent transition may be what helps him the most though. This "Euro" style big man has taken over the NBA. The ability for bigs to get up and down in transition as well as having ball handling ability and hitting mid-range shots is in high demand. Roe possesses these skills and showcasing them will help his draft stock in the coming days as Osby currently sits on the outside looking in for many of the experts and draft boards available to the public.

As a good friend of mine once said "If something is worth doing, it's worth doing right." In short, Osby models that saying in everything he does. In the end, he could be one of the best kept secrets in the NBA Draft with his skill set and work ethic and very easily could find himself being taken late and eventually on an NBA roster.