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OU Baseball | Sooners Pitcher Dillon Overton Puts Former Head Coach, Sunny Golloway, On Blast

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UPDATE #3: Jason Kersey of The Oklahoman spoke with former All-American Joe Simpson who had some less than complimentary words for the now former OU skipper.

"I'm so thrilled that he's gone that they could hire a basset hound and it would be an improvement," said Simpson, an Atlanta Braves broadcaster the past two decades.

"I haven't had anything to do with the program since near the end of the Larry Cochell era. I didn't want to have anything to do with it as long as Sunny Golloway was the head coach because I think he's a sorry individual. I think he's a bad guy. I want to thank Auburn University for taking him off our hands and getting him out of Norman."

UPDATE #2: Sunny Golloway came on with Toby Rowland Monday morning to address his taking the Auburn job, some of the things being said about him (like below), and several other topics.

UPDATE: Evidently another former Sooners pitcher, Jordan John, had some harsh words for Golloway as well Sunday night, but he has since deleted those tweets.

However another now former player, reserve catcher Jake Smith, echoed Overton's comments with some of his own.

I'm just gonna go ahead and offer this without comment.

This is obviously now former Oklahoma starting pitcher Dillon Overton who had, um, a few choice words for his also now former head coach, Sunny Golloway.