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OU Basketball | Number Changes & Assignments

The newcomers have officially received their numbers while a returning player is making the shift to a former teammates number.


The Oklahoma Sooners have a handful of incoming players thanks to hitting the recruiting trail early and often. Lon Kruger is bringing in five players with some of them expected to contribute immediately. However, we are in the early stages and numbers are just now being handed out. This is how things shook down in the pecking order:

Of course as players graduate, it leaves a few other numbers open for returning players to snatch. Such was the case this year with Romero Osby who was as reliable as anyone in the nation. Not only did he play as a consistently, he was also the vocal leader of this squad in 2012. Now, Buddy Hield is shouldering that responsibility by switching to #24 and he appears to fit the bill from what fans saw in his freshman season.

Osby jumped in to give his remarks on Hield and the number switch.