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OU Football Recruiting | Class Of 2013 | Status Update

Colleyville (TX) Quarterback, Cody Thomas
Colleyville (TX) Quarterback, Cody Thomas

The first two weeks in June is typically the time of year when Oklahoma's most recent football recruiting class begin to make their way to both campus and class. In this case, it is the Class of 2013 and while a majority of them have arrived and begun classes there are a few stragglers who have yet to arrive.

In an effort to keep you apprised of the latest as we know it, we wanted to give you a quick status update on the entire class. Some of them will require very little explanation, while others may require a bit more. That said, here is where things currently stand with each member of Oklahoma's Class of 2013.

LB/S Dominique Alexander - On campus and in classes.

CB Dakota Austin - On campus and in classes.

P Jed Barnett- Early enrollee, been on campus/in classes since January, took part in spring ball.

WR Austin Bennett - On campus and in classes.

S Hatari Byrd - There is at least one report he is on campus, but based on what we've heard that isn't accurate. He should arrive shortly as California high schools stay in session later than schools in the Midwest, which as far as we know is the only reason for his delayed arrival.

WR Dannon Cavil - Early enrollee, been on campus/in classes since January, took part in spring ball.

OL Christian Daimler - On campus and in classes.

DE Matt Dimon - On campus and in classes.

LB Jordan Evans - On campus and in classes.

OL Andrew Feo - On campus and in classes.

RB Keith Ford - On campus and in classes.

DT Kerrick Huggins - Okay, this one is a tad complicated. At the moment, there are currently two conflicting reports with respect to Huggins and his chances of making it to campus. You may or may not remember at the time of his decommitment from Texas A&M and subsequent commitment to the Sooners, grades were the known reason with respect to the Aggies "moving on" from the talented defensive tackle. His ability to qualify academically was always going to be an issue and now those grades have prevented his arrival.

So now the question is whether or not he will make it to campus at all. The first report, from our friends at, has stated that he's not going to qualify and will have to go the junior college route. Which, if true, he has give every indication that Oklahoma would still be his likely destination even after a two year JUCO stint. The second report, from our friend Jake Trotter of ESPN's Sooner Nation, has stated that it's possible Huggins can still qualify if he completes one summer class via a bit of an NCAA loophole.

Both sites are standing by their respective reports and neither has given us a reason in the past to question their work. So we're basically in a standstill and there doesn't appear to be a resolution coming anytime soon. It would be complete speculation at this point to predict things one way or the other, but it's probably wise to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

CB L.J. Moore - Another California kid (he and Byrd are high school teammates), his arrival was already going to be delayed based on what we described above. However, Moore has some reported family issues which are going to push his arrival back until early July.

DE Ogbonnia Okoronkwo - On campus and in classes.

DT Matthew Romar - On campus and in classes.

DT Quincy Russell - Somewhat similar to Huggins, there have been some conflicting reports on Russell's status as well. It is believed he has resolved any potential grade issues and that his arrival could be imminent, but to date that appears yet to have happened. He is arguably Oklahoma's most important recruit in this 2013 class given his position and OU's lack of depth there, so if/when he does arrive in Norman it won't take long for the news to get out.

OL Dionte Savage - On campus and in classes.

WR Jordan Smallwood - On campus and in classes.

OL Josiah St. John - The junior college offensive tackle has yet to arrive and won't until July after having to retake on class over the summer that did not transfer. Because of that there is a chance, however small it may be, that he might not actually make it to campus. Which would definitely be a blow as he is expected to contribute with Oklahoma lacking a ton of depth at offensive tackle.

CB Stanvon Taylor - On campus and in classes.

S Ahmad Thomas - Early enrollee, been on campus/in classes since January, took part in spring ball.

QB Cody Thomas - The only thing that was ever in doubt about Thomas' arrival was his potential as a baseball prospect. At one point, there was some speculation that he could be drafted early enough in last week's MLB Draft that the signing bonus money would be too great to pass up. Unfortunately (at least from he and his family's financial perspective) Thomas was not selected until the 30th round by the New York Yankees, which based on multiple reports was nowhere near early enough for he and his family to go the baseball route. Which is good news for both the OU football and baseball programs as Thomas plans to play both.

While it may not have been the end of the world if Thomas had been drafted earlier and signed a MLB contract, which would have left the Sooners without a quarterback in this Class of 2013. With Thomas, Oklahoma appears to be at least four deep at the quarterback position but things can change in a hurry with injuries, transfers, etc. So Thomas making his way to Norman is certainly a positive.

DT Charles Walker - On campus and in classes.

DE D.J. Ward - Enrolled early and after some initial drama regarding his academic status from the NCAA Clearinghouse, things were finally cleared up late in the spring and Ward was able to participate in the final practice or two.

WR KJ Young - On campus and in classes.