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OU Football 2013 | Recapping Bob Stoops' Appearance At Monday's Tulsa Caravan Stop

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The University of Oklahoma hosted one of several caravan stops Monday evening in Tulsa and through the magic of social media, we are able to recap for those of you who did not attend what was said.

In addition to Bob Stoops, Lon Kruger and Sherri Coale were both in attendance as well and while we mean no disrespect to either, obviously Stoops is the headliner. The OU head football coach met briefly with the media and touched on a number of topics including Tony Jefferson going undrafted, Trent Dilfer's comments on the OU offense, and the college football playoff.

Before we get into all of that however, quickly wanted to address any pictures (like this one) you may have seen of Stoops from Monday night. Evidently he had stitches in his right cheek, which understandably led to question as to what happened.

Really more just of an FYI in case you see them and hadn't already heard what it was all about.

* Stoops on Landry Jones:

* Stoops on Dilfer and the comments he made regarding the OU offense:

* Stoops on Tony Jefferson going undrafted:

* Then Stoops closed strong with his line of the night regarding whether or not media members should be a part of the eventual college football playoff committee:

* We mentioned that Kruger and Coale were there as well, so here are a couple tidbits of information from them as well regarding their respective teams.

Here is some more from Kruger courtesy of a story from SoonerScoop's R.J. Young.