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NCAA Baseball Tournament: Three Teams Representing The Big 12

In an unusual twist of events, the Big 12 conference seemed to dwindle toward the end of the regular season. However, when all was said and done, the conference landed three teams in the NCAAs.

Kyle Laferriere-US PRESSWIRE

The Big 12 Baseball Tournament Champion has been crowned, NCAA host sites have been announced and bids have been received. However, things around the Big 12 could not have been more uncertain.

After a series of unfortunate events unfolded throughout the Oklahoma City Metro, a twist in the format of the Big 12 Tournament developed. As tornadoes ripped across the Great Plains, the Big 12 decided to continue with the post-season in a shortened round robin format.

It would be the Oklahoma Sooners making the most of the opportunity as the round robin style benefited them greatly. Taking a skid in the final segment of the regular season, it was no secret that Sunny Golloway needed a strong performance to secure a bid to the NCAAs and he got what he needed. Strong performances from the mound as well as timely hitting landed OU in the Big 12 Championship Game against all odds to face a surprising Kansas ballclub.

Oklahoma would go on to win the title of Big 12 Champs while being selected to the Blacksburg, VA Regional as the No. 2 seed to face UCONN, Coastal Carolina, and Virginia Tech.

Most everyone who follows college baseball could have guessed that the Kansas St. Wildcats would make the tournament behind a regular season championship and a 41-17 overall record. Yet, I'm not sure that the same guessers would have picked them to be one of the teams hosting a regional. Go ahead and add them to the list of schools who have now hosted regional play as KSU became one of the sixteen host sites.

The No. 1 seeded Wildcats will host Arkansas, Wichita St, and Bryant.

Finally, we get to the Oklahoma St. Cowboys who are coming off the worst possible scenario, a winless outing at the Big 12 Tournament after being named the No. 2 seed. A final stamp on their resume provided four consecutive losses. However, it is hard to deny a 39-17 overall record.

The Cowboys will be traveling to Louisville, KY as the No. 3 seed.

The complete bracket can be found here.