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OU Softball | Sooners Land Two Of The Three National Player Of The Year Finalists

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I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. Given how utterly dominant the Oklahoma Softball team has been this season, recognition and awards were sure to follow. We've already seen them sweep the Big 12 awards and now they've gone and done it again.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Amateur Softball Association of American cut their previous list of ten national player of the year candidates down to three. Two of those three are Sooners.

Sophomore slugger Lauren Chamberlain and last year's winner Keilani Ricketts were the two we are referencing and they were joined by Tennessee's Raven Chavanne.

Odds are Ricketts will win her second consecutive award, but both Chamberlain and Chavanne have impressive resumes in their own right.

Further adding to the impressiveness of Oklahoma having two-thirds of the finalists is just how rare of an accomplishment this is for teammates.