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Front Runner For Oklahoma's Open Starting Receiver Spot

Outside of Oklahoma's quarterback battle that is raging on between Blake Bell and the Kendal Thompson, interest has also been placed upon the receiver battle. While the first two receiver positions may be on lock down, the third is still an unsolved case.


When the Spring Game came to a close last year, Trey Metoyer was at the forefront of every fan's mind. He was primed to have possibly the best freshman outing since the one and only Adrian Peterson graced the campus with his presence. Granted, those are some lofty expectations for any freshman. Yet, we must remember that this was a kid who caught everything that was thrown his way through spring workouts while being the first 5-star receiver under Bob Stoops.

Fast forward to the season as Metoyer's spring performances landed him a starting role. After starting a mere four games in 2012, the coaching staff decided it would be better to keep him in the rotation while handing his starting position off to another receiver. The result would would end with Metoyer catching a single touchdown pass throughout the entirety of the season in his first home game against Florida A&M. He finished his freshman year with 17 catches for 148 yards in 11 games.

"It was tough," Metoyer said. "It was a struggle. I'm used to being on the field. But I sat back and I realized that it was something I had to do. I tried to turn my negative into a positive. - NewsOK

Now, here we sit again with the spring game looming with many of the unrealistic expectations removed. Several talented names have been added to the list of possible candidates but none possess the drive and humbleness of Metoyer heading into the 2013 season. He still has the skill set that he walked on to campus with. Expect him to have yet another solid spring outing at the Spring Game while making a case as to why he is the front-runner for the third starting spot at receiver for the Oklahoma Sooners.