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Recapping The 2013 NFL Draft From An Oklahoma Sooners Perspective

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A number of former Sooners were fortunate enough to hear their names called in the 2013 NFL Draft, while some others were not as fortunate. We have the latest updates on all of them in our recap of this weekend's NFL Draft.

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The 2013 NFL Draft has come to a close after an eventful weekend which saw a number of former Oklahoma players get drafted and at least one notable guy who did not hear his name called. In addition to those who were drafted, shortly following the conclusion of Sunday's action a number of former Sooners signed undrafted free agent deals.

In an effort to keep you up to date with all of the happenings, we wanted to post this recap and consolidate everything into one spot.

First, the guys who were drafted and our CCM (not-so-accurate) predictions we made on last Sunday's podcast.

OT Lane Johnson (Philadelphia Eagles): Matt - 5th pick, Rich - 2nd pick, Jordan - Top 10

Matt almost nailed it on the money and Rich wasn't that far off either. Mine was an obvious hedge though still accurate. Not sure how much credit any of us deserve however as this was by far the easiest to predict.

QB Landry Jones (Pittsburgh Steelers): Matt - 4th round, Rich - 4th round, Jordan - 3rd round

Matt and Rich hit it on the nose while I was one round too early. It was somewhat surprising how little quarterbacks were valued in this draft and with it the fall of several signal callers in addition to Jones. That said, it certainly appears as though Jones landed in a good spot where he won't be expected to play early and can learn behind a veteran like Ben Roethlisberger.

WR Kenny Stills (New Orleans Saints): Matt - 4th round, Rich - 4th round, Jordan - 3rd round

We were all a little optimistic here as Stills was not selected until the fifth round by the Saints. It should be a good opportunity for him however with an offense that passes the ball a lot and will usually carry an extra receiver or two than some other teams.

WR Justin Brown (Pittsburgh Steelers): Matt - 7th round, Rich - 5th round, Jordan - UFA

Credit to both Matt and Rich for correctly predicting that Brown would be drafted. Pittsburgh has a long history of intelligent, under-the-radar draft picks who eventually prove to be contributing players. They could have another one with their selection of Brown who could return punts, play special teams, as well as his ability to play wide receiver.

DT Stacy McGee (Oakland Raiders): Matt - UFA, Rich - UFA, Jordan - UFA

Technically we really didn't even specifically address McGee on the podcast, but if we had I think it's safe to assume none of us would have predicted this pick by the Raiders. It was never a question of talent with McGee, but a number of off-field issues cost him playing time and he never really reached his potential while in Norman. Oakland obviously saw enough to take a chance on him and hopefully, for his sake, McGee can take advantage of the opportunity.

DE David King (Philadelphia Eagles): Matt - UFA, Rich - UFA, Jordan - UFA

Another one none of us saw coming, but one as fans we are all happy about for a number of reasons including King sacrificing some of his own personal success last year to help the team.

Obviously there were a number of former OU guys who did not hear their name called and we'll update you on all of them we have info on, but the Tony Jefferson situation warrants at least a brief mention of its own.

It's impossible to know the specific reason/s he did not get drafted. We could speculate as to why, but it would be simply that, speculation. Some have quickly latched on to the somewhat infamous report (from a site that doesn't deserve mentioning) about OU coaches badmouthing Jefferson to NFL personnel. While others have pointed to Jefferson's poor forty time at the combine and his struggles in coverage during his three years in Norman. Even more have chosen to take the incredibly lazy and predictable route to criticize Jefferson for his decision to leave early and how foolish it now looks to have done so.

The simply and obvious fact of the matter is we'll never know why he wasn't drafted. But Jefferson will get a chance with some team (we'll get to that) and many of us who have watched him these last three years will be surprised if he's not successful.

Free Agent Deals*:

S Tony Jefferson - Arizona Cardinals

S Javon Harris - Arizona Cardinals

P Tress Way - Chicago Bears

CB Demontre Hurst - Chicago Bears

RB Dominique Whaley - Seattle Seahawks

WR James Winchester - Green Bay Packers

DT Jamarkus McFarland - San Diego Chargers

DE R.J. Washington - St. Louis Rams

DT Casey Walker - Carolina Panthers

WR Courtney Gardner - San Diego Chargers (obviously not a former player, but one time OU commit)

LB Tom Wort - Tennessee Titans

LB Jaydan Bird - Says on Twitter that he's "been invited to some camps"

S Jesse Paulsen - Seen at least one unconfirmed report he signed a deal with Cincinnati.

*These aren't necessarily guaranteed deals, but more likely an opportunity/invite to a respective team's camp for a shot (albeit a long one) to make the squad. Some workout, many more do not but it's a chance which is all anyone who was not drafted could ask for at this point.