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ESPN's Trent Dilfer Voices His, Um, Displeasure With Oklahoma's Offense & Josh Heupel's Playcalling

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The Pittsburgh Steelers selected former Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones in Sunday's NFL Draft with the No. 115 overall pick (4th round). Shortly thereafter ESPN analyst, and a former quarterback himself, Trent Dilfer voiced his slight displeasure with the OU offense of last year and offensive coordinator Josh Heupel's play-calling.

I went through all Landry Jones' 2012 film and I just disregarded it. I do not hold him accountable for what happened last year. The offense is a joke. It's spitball. The receivers are brutal. The playcalling is brutal. They take him out in the red zone, they never let him get into a flow. My final grade on Landry Jones is go back to 2011, he's a high-ceiling guy. I like a lot about him. I hate what they did with him in 2012...The whole offense is built around getting flashy numbers and not scoring points.