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Oklahoma Receiver Kenny Stills: 2013 NFL Draft Profile

"Stills carries around the letter he received this year from the NFL suggesting he stay in school. Instead, he ran the 40 in 4.38 at the combine and showed stellar body control. Your move, NFL." - ESPN's Morty Ain

Ed Zurga

Kenny Stills was certainly a high profile character on and off the field which lead to his being tabbed as part of the "Cali Trio." From his personality to his style of play, his presence was immediately sensed wherever he was. In 2010, Still started every game of the season while setting Oklahoma school records for most receptions and yards for a freshman. His undeniable talent landed him a spot on the Freshman All-American Team as well as an honorable mention for the Big XII Freshman Offensive Player of the Year.

As a sophomore he continued building upon what he had started cracking the top 10 all-time receiving list at the university and was named to the All-Conference Second Team by the coaches. However, Stills would end his career short during his junior season as he declared for the draft following the bowl game. In three years, Stills left his mark on Oklahoma and leaves holding down the 4th most receiving yards all-time.

Much like Tony Jefferson, Stills is a kid many fans wanted to return in an attempt to allow him to work out a few of the kinks in his game. There is much unrealized potential left in this kid but do not think he is a complete work in progress.


HT 6-0
WT 194
40 4.38
Draft Grade 66.0

Career Moment 10-8-11

Heading into this game against the Texas Longhorns, everyone knew that Kenny Stills possessed the talent to get open and make plays against defenders. However, much of his skills in the department of blocking came under scrutiny. In one fail swoop, Stills silenced all critics on the matter as he springs a teammate for a few extra yards and the first down.

"Stills carries around the letter he received this year from the NFL suggesting he stay in school. Instead, he ran the 40 in 4.38 at the combine and showed stellar body control. Your move, NFL." -ESPN's Morty Ain



Stills is a great athlete and it runs in his blood. He has the ability to get separation from the defender, using quick breaks and cuts to create space and make himself a target for the quarterback. What sets him apart is his explosion of the line of scrimmage. To compliment these things, Stills has an uncanny knack for high-pointing the ball and making body adjustments in the air to ensure a catch.


While he may not have the world class speed of Marquise Goodwin, Stills ran a 4.38 at the combine proving that he has the wheels to get behind defenders. One of the more important aspects of Stills' speed is that it makes him a natural at tracking down the deep ball. He is a fluid runner making his strides after the catch look nearly effortless.

Down-Field Blocking

It is no secret that Stills is not the most physical receiver. However, this does not hinder him in getting a solid block down field for a fellow receiver or running back. One the block is initialized, Stills has the ability to sustain it for a period of time to spring the ball carrier for those few extra yards.

Reading Coverages

Stills is great at reading the defense. It allows him to sit down in the zone as well as work the sideline to his advantage.



As mentioned above, Stills is not the most physical receiver a team will have on a roster. He did not get as much experience as some of the other receivers available against press coverage. The bigger and more physical defensive backs, especially at the line of scrimmage, will rattle him from time to time.


At 6-0 194lbs, Stills does not have the great size of other NFL wideouts.


There were times where Kenny Stills looked like the best player on the field. On the flip side, there were times where it appeared he broke a route off early due to a poorly thrown ball or caught the pass with his body. The biggest question here will be the off the field antics. Stills has been known to pull a few stunts that drew many questions from onlookers.