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Red River Rivalry | Rubber Match | Game Three Open Thread

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So it comes down to this. A Sunday rubber match between two hate rivals battling it out to see who can grab control of the Big 12 race.

The Sooners should, theoretically, be in better shape headed into this one with their ace, Keilani Ricketts, fresh and ready to go. While Texas' ace, Blaire Luna, is coming off consecutive days of 100+ pitch counts. And yes, pitch counts in softball are not nearly as relevant as they are in baseball, but a lot has been asked of Luna these past two games and at a minimum it's taken some level of a physical toll.

Oklahoma had success in Friday's game against Texas' second pitcher, Holly Kern, so if Luna starts and they can get to her early the Sooners should be in good shape to win this one. Of course getting any kind of production from the top half of their lineup, who have been uncharacteristically cold in these last two games, would certainly help as well.

We'll be here to watch (and suffer through yet another horrible Longhorn Network broadcast) so feel free to hang out with us as our Sooners can hopefully secure the series victory.