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Oklahoma Basketball: SG Frank Booker Makes It Official

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A major concern with the experience and players that Oklahoma is losing has become: where will the scoring come from? Lon Kruger may have found a partial answer to that question as he dipped into the Georgia talent pool and withdrew the states top shooting guard.


Last month, Frank Booker held a ceremony at Westside High School in Georgia to announce his commitment to play under Lon Kruger at the University of Oklahoma. However, it wasn't until yesterday that he made it official by inking his name on his letter of intent.

Here is the initial assessment we did last month concerning the skills this kid possesses.

"As a player, Booker is a combo guard who is probably more known for his shooting but can do a number of things well on the court. He is a guy who is just as comfortable slashing to the basket as he is pulling up for a jumper on the break. He is a player who has the utmost confidence in his shot, so misses will very rarely deter him from continuing to put it up. Like a lot of high school players, he'll definitely need to add some strength once he arrives on campus to be able to hold up over the course of a full D-I season. With his shot and ability to get to the basket, he's a player with a considerable upside.

The bottom line with Booker is he's a guy who can put the ball in the basket and that, meaning scoring, is something this Oklahoma team certainly needs. Especially when you consider all that it will be losing following this season." - Jordan Esco

The major thing fans have to consider is that Booker will likely pick up where Steven Pledger left off in spreading the floor with the three-point shot as Oklahoma adds to it's talented but young pool once again.