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Oklahoma Quarterback, Drew Allen, Transferring To Syracuse Per Multiple Reports

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Christian Petersen

As had been expected, news broke Friday evening that Oklahoma senior quarterback Drew Allen has reportedly decided on Syracuse as his transfer destination. It was about one week ago that reports of Allen's interest in Syracuse first surfaced both for their opening at quarterback after the departure of Ryan Nassib and their style of offense.

Once Allen graduates this spring, he will transfer to Syracuse and be available to play immediately this coming season while he pursues a graduate degree.

Allen's situation at Oklahoma was simply a case of poor timing much more so than a lack of talent or ability. Unfortunately, he came in the year after Landry Jones who, as you all know, would go on to become the all-time leading passer in Oklahoma football history.

Allen is expected to compete incumbents Charley Loeb, Terrel Hunt, and John Kinder for the starting job. And while nothing is guaranteed of course, you have to believe Allen feels good about his chances as he looks to see significant playing time for the first time in his college career.

While his time in Oklahoma may not have resulted in much action on the field, by all accounts Allen was a consummate teammate and will surely be missed. Oklahoma fans are excited for him that he'll have this opportunity at a starting quarterback job and will always appreciate the class with which he conducted himself as a Sooner.

Best of luck to both Allen and the Cuse in the coming season.