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Lon Kruger On Moving Forward - "We're Going To Be A Fun Group Next Season"

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The words, "class act" are too underwhelming to describe Oklahoma men's basketball coach Lon Kruger. A true gentlemen, both on and off the court, Coach Kruger has done everything in his power to endear himself to Sooner fans. He's opened his basketball practices, taken more photos than anyone can count and has even stood at the top of the LNC to welcome fans to a game.

Just seven days following Oklahoma's loss to San Diego State in the first round of the NCAA Tournament Coach Kruger sat down with me to discuss the three-game losing streak his team ended on, becoming the first coach to take five separate teams to the NCAA, his fantastic trio of freshmen guards and more.

One of the most notable moments came when we were discussing moving forward without Andrew Fitzgerald, Romero Osby and Amath M'Baye. Coach Kruger paid them their due respect but he also had a special glimmer in his eyes as he discussed next season's team. He is clearly awaiting the fall with a lot of anticipation and excited about the future of Oklahoma basketball.