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OU Football 2013 | Bob Stoops Spring Preview Press Conference

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Bob Stoops is expected to meet with the local media Thursday afternoon as the Sooners prepare to begin spring practices this Saturday.

In a bit of a change, there are a number of actual legitimate talking points for Stoops to address.

  • Is the defense transitioning to a 3-4 scheme?
  • Bob's take on the new coaching hires
  • Player departures
  • Injury updates
  • Etc.

Of course no one who knows anything about Stoops expects him to actually address any of those or provide us with any truly useful information.

And yet here we all are once again. Just a bunch of suckers.

More important than any of that however is the glorious, and long awaited, return of the 'Lobbing of a Kuzy.' I'm positively giddy with excitement to see what our favorite local beat writer has been saving up over these last couple months!