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NCAA First Round Statistical Breakdown - Oklahoma Sooners & San Diego State Aztecs Could Be Identical Twins

The Sooners are making their return to the NCAA Tournament as the #10 seed in the South Regional. Up first for Oklahoma are the San Diego State Aztecs who are coming off a 22-10 season and a fourth place finish (9-7) in the Mountain West Conference.


While the game itself will be played out on a basketball court in Philadelphia, a look at the stats may help us sum up how these two teams compare to one another.

Stat SDSU Oklahoma
Final Fours 0 4
NCAA Tourney Record 2-8 35-26
NCAA Tourney Appearances 8 26
Points Per Game 69.2 71.1
Rebounds Per Game 36.8 36.7
Assists Per Game 12.3 12.4
Field Goal Percentage 43% 43%

So...on paper it looks like Oklahoma may be involved in a intersquad game as these two teams basically mirror one another on the court. Outside of their individual NCAA Tournament histories, Oklahoma and San Diego State could be identical twins. Even a closer look at the individual statistical leaders for each team gets a bit eerie.

Jamaal Franklin and Romero Osby are San Diego State and Oklahoma's leading scorers. Franklin averages 16.7 points per game and Osby 15.8. Osby is a forward and Franklin a guard but don't look too much into that. At 6-5/205, he is more than capable of playing (and scoring) both inside and out. Coincidentally both Franklin (9.5) and Osby (7.0) are the team leaders in rebounds per game as well.

The two opposing leaders appear to balance each other out which means that the second and third options are going to need to be factors to lead their team's into the second round. For San Diego State that means guards Chase Tapley (13.5 ppg) and Xavier Thames (9.8 ppg) could be the unsung heroes. For the Sooners its Steven Pledger (11.8) and Amath M'Baye (10.1 ppg) who could have their shining moment.