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OU Baseball | Sooners Go For The Series Sweep Over Northwestern State | Game Thread

The Sooners will attempt to secure a series sweep over Northwestern State this Sunday at L. Dale Mitchell ballpark. It's a test for this Oklahoma ball club who knows what they have in their Friday and Saturday starters, but are still searching for someone to grab the Sunday starting pitchers job.

While whoever may eventually earn that spot, they don't necessarily need to duplicate what Jonathan Gray and Dillon Overton are capable of doing on the mound. It's more about giving the Sooners some quality innings, keeping the runs allowed to a reasonable number, and giving a sometimes hit or miss OU offense a chance to win these Sunday games whether they are for a possible sweep like today or to get a series win if needed.

Here is your Sunday game thread, so go ahead and get out those brooms as the Sooners go for the sweep.