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OU Football 2013 | Sooners Lose Starting Center For The Remainder Of Spring Practices

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Tom Pennington

UPDATE: An excellent point made by Carey Murdock on the fact Ikard could come back and play guard with a cast on his hand.

There are now multiple reports out Sunday evening that Oklahoma's starting center, Gabe Ikard, suffered a broken hand in just the Sooners second practice of the spring. Ikard is still awaiting an x-ray, but the belief is once the results are in it will confirm the break. With the reported injury, Ikard is now expected to miss the remainder of Oklahoma's spring practices.

While normally losing a multi-year starter like Ikard would be a significant loss, the Sooners should be relatively alright with Ty Darlington a more than capable backup to Ikard. There had even been some speculation that Darlington could start at center this year with Ikard shifting over to a guard position.

Only time will tell whether or not that proves true, but for the time being Darlington will obviously have to serve as the team's primary center.