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OU Football | 2013 Coaching Carousel | Sooners Steal One From Ann Arbor

The reports surrounding Oklahoma and Jerry Montgomery were coming fast and furious Saturday afternoon. There have been several reports from the Michigan side of things, but now Jake Trotter has confirmed ($) through his sources that Montgomery has indeed accepted OU's offer to replace Jackie Shipp.

While Montgomery has bounced around a bit in his career (coaching bio), the one constant everywhere he has been is improved defensive line play. And a primary reason for that is recruiting prowess and ability to bring in the top level talent. Don't believe me, just check out his Rivals recruiting profile.

With Montgomery now in the fold and Bedenbaugh already hitting the recruiting trail, the Sooners have significantly upgraded their staff from a recruiting perspective.

At this point, it would be nearly impossible to make the argument that Bob Stoops is not committed to returning Oklahoma to a national championship level. Something at least a decent portion of Sooner Nation seemed to be questioning after an embarrassing close to the 2012 season. The changes made and the subsequent hires to replace them give every indication that Stoops recognized the problem and took the necessary steps to correct them.

Oklahoma still has one more coaching position to fill, but there is some question as to the level of urgency on their part to do so. There is some speculation that they are either leaning towards a tight ends/fullbacks coach or someone who could do that but comes from more of a special teams background. Much like the defensive line position, there aren't many names out there at the moment so it's difficult to project which direction they may choose to go.

For now however, the Sooners appear to have landed a young, top notch assistant coach who OU fans should be excited about coming to Norman.