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OU Football | 2013 Coaching Carousel | Have The Sooners Found Their Man For The Defensive Line Opening?

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While things are certainly not official at this point, it would appear as though Oklahoma has found their primary target to fill their vacant defensive line coaching position.

Multiple reports out Saturday afternoon have speculated that Michigan's Jerry Montgomery is that candidate and that things may have progressed to the point where the ball is currently in his court. Meaning, Oklahoma could have offered him the position and he is simply mulling over whether or not to accept.

As we told you in our last update, Montgomery made a little over $200,000 last year and it's safe to assume if Oklahoma has offered him the job that number would increase significantly. From what we understand, from a strictly monetary standpoint Michigan could very likely match whatever OU would offer but has a fairly strict policy with which they structure their assistants' salaries. Now of course an exception could be made if they chose to do so, but if they did that to keep Montgomery would it affect their other assistants as well? Seems like a fair question to ask and one that could help Oklahoma's chances of landing the talented Wolverine assistant.

If Oklahoma has offered and if Montgomery were to accept, things would very likely progress quickly with an announcement coming as early as Monday (if not sooner). Again, to be perfectly clear, we're not at that point yet but things could be trending in that direction. It would appear at the moment as though the decision is Montgomery's to make, so it's certainly still possible he says no and chooses to stay in Ann Arbor.

As always, as soon as we know anything we'll be sure to bring it to you. So make sure to keep checking CCM and our 2013 Coaching Carousel Story Stream.