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The Pitch Count - How The Sooners Fared From The Mound Against Hofstra

When all is said and done, your baseball team is only going to go as far as your pitching staff can take you. Oklahoma started the season with a four-game sweep of Hofstra and while the batting was more than solid (31 runs in four games) the pitching staff had an impressive performance as a whole but a bit of an up and down performance individually.

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Overton had the most impressive performance of any pitcher in the series. He opened the season for Oklahoma by throwing seven scoreless innings in the opener on Friday. His strikeout count was impressive but even more so are the number of batters that he got to pop or ground out.

Jonathan Gray was the only other starting pitcher to notch a win over the weekend. He was also the only pitcher to give up a long-ball over the weekend. Like Overton, Gray's ability to get batters out in multiple ways was huge and a reason why he could be an ace on just about any staff in the country.

Billy Waltrip's Sooner debut got off to a good start but it quickly faded. His strikeout count is impressive, considering he only went 3.1 innings, but he also gave up more runs than any other Sooner pitcher during the weekend.

The most dominating performance over the weekend belonged to Overton but perhaps the most impressive belonged to Corey Copping. A true freshman, Copping had good control and retired a total of 18 batters with four of them being strikeouts. He didn't get the win but he sure could have. When he left the mound, after seven innings of work, he had a 4-1 lead.


In addition to Overton and Gray, the Sooners also had two pitchers come out of the bullpen to earn a win. Jacob Evans may have been the most fortunate member of the staff. He earned a win after getting the only batter he faced that day to hit into a double-play.

Robert Tasin also got a win for working just two-thirds of an inning. However, he also made another appearance over the weekend and ended up working a total of 1.2 innings.

Oklahoma used a total of eleven pitchers over the weekend which allowed us to see flashes of dominance, solid relief and some room for improvement, which is expected from a team that doesn't hold a ton of experience among the pitching staff. The bottom line is that the Sooners ended the weekend 4-0!