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OU Football 2013 | Offseason Captures A Trio Of Sooners

Brett Deering

The offseason has reportedly claimed a trio of Oklahoma football players as the Sooners prepare to head into spring practices. First and foremost, credit to loyal CCM reader blaster1371 for essentially breaking the story which has now been confirmed by multiple sources. Defensive tackle Marquis Anderson and cornerback Gary Simon are no longer with the program. According to at least one report at the time of this post, defensive tackle Damon Williams may also no longer be with the program.

All three had reported issues in the past, so the news of their departure shouldn't necessarily come as a surprise that doesn't make it hurt any less. Defensive tackle and cornerback are arguably the two positions this Oklahoma team could least afford to lose anyone.

Oklahoma will now enter the spring with just three players at each respective position. To say depth is going to be an issue would be a considerable understatement.

In a related note, these losses at defensive tackle only further increases the the need for this pending assistant coaching hire to be an absolute home run.