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OU Football | Bob Stoops Addresses Cronyism Tag

Wanted to bring this John Hoover blog post to your attention as I thought it was a quality take from the sometimes criticized local reporter from the Tulsa World.

Hoover has taken some heat this past year for his approach to challenging Bob Stoops in print and during press conferences, which is obviously something not done previously on a consistent basis. While I think his methods, at times, have warranted the criticism it does not change the fact he can hit the nail on the head with some of his critiques.

I believe this blog post does exactly that and reinforces a number of things we as fans had often voiced displeasure with during Bruce Kittle's two years on the OU staff. Obviously Stoops would never admit to this nor do I believe this (cronyism) was the sole reason (or even a reason at all in Stoops' mind) for Kittle's firing, but even if it was addressed indirectly, it has been addressed. And that was a step in the right direction.