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OU Football | Sooners Tab Bill Bedenbaugh To Fill Offensive Line Coaching Vacancy

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UPDATE: There have been some delays with respect to the timeline of this happening, though almost everyone expects it to get done eventually. Money could be the hold up at the moment give that Bedenbaugh was set to make $300k this coming season at WVU and that would be a decent amount more than Patton was to be paid. Whatever the reasons, the two parties are likely still hammering out the final details and hopefully we'll have an update soon.

Well, that didn't take very long. Granted, nothing is official at this point but Carey Murdock (see tweet above) has been all over this from the jump so there is no reason to doubt his sources.

It did not seem as if Bob Stoops and Oklahoma would waste much time fill the vacancy created when James Patton "moved on" to join Kevin Wilson at Indiana. And it would appear as though he wasted very little.

We're still learning about Bedenbaugh as a coach and recruiter given that his name really just surfaced in recent days. The early reports however would suggest that this is a heck of a hire and a solid (potential) addition to the Oklahoma coaching staff.

Prior to his time at West Virginia this past season, Bednebaugh was a member of both the Texas Tech and Arizona coaching staffs. His connection to both Mike Stoops, as well as Josh Heupel, should be somewhat obvious given that latter school and likely helped him (reportedly) land this Oklahoma job.

Given his ties to WVU, Tech, and Arizona he is obviously quite familiar with coaching an offensive line in a spread scheme. The primary question this brings up is whether or not this reported hire is a sign that Oklahoma won't really be changing their offense much in this coming season?

Bedenbaugh was recently named one of the Big 12's top recruiters by and was also named one of the nation's Top 50 recruiters by the 247 Sports recruiting service.

Again, we hope to have more insight soon as to who Bedenbaugh is as a coach and what Oklahoma is getting. As soon as we do we will be sure to pass it along. In the meantime, here are a couple links to read up on Bedenbaugh if you are so inclined.

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