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OU Football | Sooners Staff Shakeup Continues As Jackie Shipp Reportedly Let Go

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As he has done for a majority of the coaching news surrounding the Oklahoma football program, Carey Murdock of has broke the news of another shakeup on the OU staff.

According to Murdock, defensive tackles coach Jackie Shipp will not return for the 2013 season. Shipp played at Oklahoma and has been a member of the OU football staff since 1999.

Much like with the James Patton situation, the talk surrounding Shipp had been out there for a couple weeks. Whether it was rumors of differences of opinion between Shipp and Mike Stoops or speculation that this could be related to Oklahoma's desire to shift towards a 3-4 defensive scheme. At this point we don't really know anything other than Shipp has apparently been let go.

It's become abundantly clear that the unrest many an Oklahoma fan has been feeling is no longer lost on those individual who spend their days in the Switzer Center. Whether or not these moves are an improvement, as opposed to change for the sake of change, we'll simply have to wait to find out.