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Sooners 75 - Frogs 48: The Playmakers

After pulling off their best win of the season on Saturday, the Sooners needed to make a statement in Monday night's game. That's exactly what they did as they humbled TCU 75-48, proving that there would be no letdown in a game sandwiched between knocking off Kansas and a road trip to Stillwater.


Lon Kruger had a total of eleven players record stats against TCU on Monday night but that's not always a good thing. When a player scores it goes into the stat book but when he turns the ball over or commits a foul he gets his name in the stat book as well.

The top three players to record stats for OU were Romero Osby, Je'lon Hornbeak and Amath M'Baye with Osby and Hornbeak each having 20 plays recorded. However, the quality of those plays is determined on whether they had a positive or negative outcome.

Of the twenty plays recorded, half of Je'lon Hornbeak's produced a negative result. One third of Amath M'Baye's had a negative outcome and Romero Osby only had fifth of his plays affect the team negatively.

Je'lon Hornbeak was busy on Monday night. He recorded nine points, two steals and two assists in nineteen minutes of play but he also missed four shots and turned the ball over three times to accumulate seven of his ten negative plays.

Amath M'Baye scored a team-high 12 points on fewer plays. Of his eighteen recorded plays six of them were negative but more importantly eight of his twelve positive plays resulted in points.

The stat line of the night though belonged to Osby who recorded twenty plays. Of his four negative plays three were missed shots, and only one of those came in the second half. Despite scoring one point less than M'Baye, Osby gets our player of the game award because he produced the overall greatest number of positive plays. He may have surrendered a point to his frontcourt mate but he also more than doubled him on the boards.