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Friday Locks | The Grand Finale With Conference Championships On Our Mind

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Its the final weekend for our Friday Locks segment and we're hoping we've saved the best for last.

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Texas (+16) at Baylor - Look, I hate the Longhorns as much as anyone but that's just way too big a number for me to pass up against a Baylor team that has struggled in its last two games.

Missouri (+2) vs. Auburn - I've bet against Mizzou so many times and lost this season picking them here will almost assuredly come back and burn me, but screw it.

Duke (+29.5) vs. Florida State - Another huge number and while I think Duke has zero chance of winning this game, FSU has their eyes on that MNC game and I think could take their foot off the gas way early in this one allowing for a Blue Devils backdoor cover.


Stanford (+3) vs Arizona St. - There is no doubt that the Sun Devils have been one of the hottest teams in the country. However, Stanford has already beat them once this season and im banking on it yet again.

Fresno St. (-3) vs Utah St. - On average the Bulldogs outscore opponents by 19.8 points when riding to victory. I think Fresno wins this one so give me another convincing win for them in the first MWC Championship game.

Texas (+16) vs Baylor - While I am not quite sure what to expect out of this game, I simply cant believe that Baylor rattles off a victory of 16 points or more.


Bowling Green (+4.5) vs. Northern Illinois - Northern Illinois is all the rave right now and a BCS birth is on the line. That's a lot of pressure against a dangerous Bowling Green football team.

Central Florida (-10) at SMU - SMU has struggled with injuries and was shutout in their last outing. UCF smells blood, and a conference championship.

Memphis (pick) at Connecticut - There's nothing like two really bad football teams, with nothing left to play for, squaring off on the final weekend of the season.