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2013 CCM Pick'em Contest WInner

The Crimson And Cream Machine Pick'em Contest has been sponsored by Sooner Legends Inn & Suites

Its been a long season with several people swapping in and out of first place but when the dust settled it was Ron's Picks who finished in the top spot of the standings.

CCM Pick'em Final Standings

Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 Ron's Picks 176 176-140
2 Tress Way Deserved the Heisman 173 173-143
3 CC Machine 170 170-146
4 SAH 169 169-147
5 BoomerSooner13 169 169-147
6 quidveritas 168 168-148
7 Treading Lightly 168 168-148
8 Hatari 2600 167 167-149
9 JeffBlack89 166 166-150
10 SoonerInPigTown 165 165-151

Congratulations to our winner and thank you to everyone who participated in the contest this season. As the winner of the season contest, Ron wins a free night's stay at the award winning Sooner Legends Inn & Suites in Norman.

There are a limited number of games available to pick this weekend and I'll have a prize of a $5.00 gift card to give away for this weekend's picks but the contest itself is complete.