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2014 Sugar Bowl | Josh Heupel - "Our Players Believe In Both QBs"

The Oklahoma Sooners Coaching Staff continues their vow of silence on the quarterback situation heading into the 2014 Sugar Bowl against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Both those guys (Knight & Bell) have competed hard. Our players believe in both of those guys, whoever the guy is at quarterback, they really believe and have a lot of confidence in those guys that they're going to go out play at a high level. -Josh Heupel

The Oklahoma Sooners have a daunting task ahead of them as they head to the Sugar Bowl. Without a few key components available, Josh Heupel and the offense began to prepare those expected to fill those holes. With that said, the emphasis will certainly be on executing early and consistently. However, it is of utmost importance that OU finds a way to score touchdowns while in the redzone assuming they get to the redzone.

That brings us to the quarterback situation as it is nearly impossible to move the football without a viable option at the position. Do the Sooners plan on going with a two quarterback system or stick with a single option? In an attempt to gain an edge, the Oklahoma coaching staff is continuing their vow of silence on the issue.

We ended up working three quarterbacks in the Oklahoma State game.  So we've played them all.  They have all prepared well.  Can they all play better at times?  Yeah, certainly.  But we're excited about the group we've got, the way they've competed, the way they've pushed each other, and then ultimately whoever is the guy needs to go out and perform well here in a couple days to give ourselves a chance to win. - Josh Heupel

Trevor Knight, the expected starter by many, may have offered up a clue as to what the Oklahoma's game plan is concerning the quarterbacks.

It's something everybody has to get used to, playing two quarterbacks. We have continued to help each other grow and we've always been ready to play. The Oklahoma State game for instance, all three of us had to play. It's just about coming into each game ready to be the guy that day. - Trevor Knight

As a team, this group recognizes the situation as has responded in an appropriate manner. The worst case scenario this season would have been a divided locker room but a 10-2 season gives evidence to the contrary.

Both Trevor and Blake have done a great job at accepting roles and both of them are very vocal, much more vocal throughout the season. We realize that both of them can play and both are extremely talented. We look to them for leadership and they've both done a great job at accepting that role and embracing it. - Gabe Ikard

There is no doubt that Oklahoma will need to stick to their "next man up" mentality as they will be without two on the offensive line. Thus far, it has played out well while a few youngsters and role players have shown the potential they possess. With two storied programs going head-to-head, this could be a game for the ages (at least that is what the eternal optimist in me says).