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Oklahoma Sooners Head Coach Bob Stoops Being Considered For NFL Openings

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Wesley Hitt

For years now, Bob Stoops name has surfaced in reference to top tier job openings in the NCAA. Until now, the Oklahoma Sooners head coach has shot down any and all rumors. However, the NFL Network is adding a new wrinkle to the mix. On what has been dubbed as "Black Monday," several NFL coaching jobs have now been made available. It just so happens that Bob Stoops name could come into focus with the recent success of other NCAA coaches making the jump to the NFL.

As originally reported by SBNation's Mother Site, there could be some interest from Stoops.

"Another name to watch, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops. He also has expressed some interest in joining the NFL," Rapoport told Rich Eisen on NFL Network during Monday's coverage of the league's head-coach firings.

While the man has no experience in the NFL, that does not mean his resume is less than impressive. Since 1999, Bob has racked up 159 wins with 9 BCS Bowl appearances, 8 Conference Championships, and 1 National Title.

The question still remains: If an NFL team comes knocking, is this a job Stoops finally leaps for?