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OU Football Recruiting | Sooners Lose Recent 2014 Tight End Commit, Issac Ijalana

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In an unexpected turn of events, 2014 junior college tight end Isaac Ijalana and now former Oklahoma pledge has reversed course less than a month after his initial commitment to the Sooners.

Ijalana announced Monday night that he was "backing away" from his commitment to Oklahoma.

Only adding to the confusion is the fact that Oklahoma tight ends coach, Jay Boulware and just recently made an in-home visit with Ijalana and his family.

At the moment, there is very little information with respect to what may have led to Ijalana's decision to decommit.  The natural speculation from OU fans will likely be directed at the Sooners lack of a tight end presence in their current offense, but it's not like that was an unknown when Ijalana originally committed less than a month ago.

Ijalana was viewed by many as a quality athlete, but also a bit of a developmental project.  So maybe it was a case of OU backing off a bit on their side of things or maybe it's simply a case of the player getting caught up in the moment, committing, then choosing to reevaluate things.

Either way the decision appears to have been made and now indications are each party will go their separate ways.

With Ijalana's decommitment, Oklahoma is now left with seventeen verbal commitments in this 2014 class, including Tulsa Union tight end Carson Meier.