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Oklahoma Football Top Plays Of 2013 | #3 Eric Striker Hit & Corey Nelson INT Return

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In the fourth game of the season, the Oklahoma Sooners traveled to South Bend to take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in a true road test. With plenty of talent and a handful of youngsters taking over, this OU squad lacked a real identity on both sides of the ball. Confidence may have been at a low but the players on the field has a different idea in mind.

During the first drive of the game, Mike Stoops confuses the Irish offensive line by lining Corey Nelson up just inside of Eric Striker on the line of scrimmage. As the ball is snapped, Nelson loops to the inside causing Geneo Grissom to take a double team as Striker is left unblocked coming off the edge. The result...

...Nelson finds himself on the receiving end of an interception that is returned 24-yards for a touchdown.