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Oklahoma Football Top Plays Of 2013 | #5 Goal Line Stand

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Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into a big time match-up with a top ten team in the nation, the Oklahoma Sooners found themselves without a few key players along the defensive line. It was this very aspect that may have led the Oklahoma St. Cowboys to attack the run defense in a 3rd and goal situation. What transpired next, not many could have expected.

The Cowboys line up in one of the most versatile formations known to college football, the diamond. From the one yard line on third down, Clint Chelf takes the snap and hands off to the fullback, Kye Staley, who is met by Charles Tapper after a small gain. Surely, lightning does not strike twice! Using the diamond formation yet again, the Cowboys attempt to punch it in one last time. Runningback, Desmond Roland, takes the handoff and makes his way up field. With patience and vision, Gabe Lynn reads the play as he drops Roland for a loss effectively placing the ball back in Oklahoma's hands.