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Oklahoma Football Top Plays Of 2013 | #6 LaColtan Bester 35 Yard TD Run

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Brett Deering

For the second time, a reverse by LaColtan Bester makes its way into the top plays of this season. The first time the Oklahoma Sooners ran the reverse play, Bester found a wide open Sterling Shepard behind the defense as they connected for a touchdown against the Kansas Jayhawks. Just a week later, the coaching staff decided to run the same play, this time against the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

Oklahoma had taken a 21-7 lead with 9:37 left in the third quarter and looked well on their way to victory. However, a swing in momentum occurred as the Red Raiders rattled off 17 unanswered points to take a three point lead. Looking to change to course of the game, the Sooners' coaching staff once again called upon the reverse for LaColtan Bester. After being pushed deeper thanks to a pass rusher, Bester was unable to find an open receiver as he pump faked a few times to open up a running lane. The decision proved to be a wise one as the senior from Scooba completed the passing, receiving, and rushing touchdown trifecta.